My dances are personal and intimate.

They are sharp and fast, raw and precise.

They teeter in the place where cohesion crumbles to decay.

I push through exhaustion. I struggle and contort my body.

I find a tender grace in the primal moments that follow.

I avoid large dance and theater venues, instead opting to self-produce in

small galleries, clubs, coffee shops, bars, warehouses, etc.

I bring dance to places where it is not usually seen and

to people who are not a typical dance audience.

I love to learn and create.

I am a choreographer and performer.

I am a visual artist and graphic designer.

I am a musician and composer.

I design and fabricate costumes, sets, and lighting.

I direct and edit films.

I enfold all of these different artistic ventures into my dance-based pieces.

I craft visceral experiences with a do-it-yourself aesthetic.

- Jessie Smith

Photo by Justin Sullivan